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Compounded Medication Uses For Different Purposes

Medication is not one size fits all. Every person is different, so different medication interactions are to be expected. Many big retail pharmacies are not able to alter the medication that comes in to fit what specific individuals need.

A private pharmacy is more equipped to do what is known as “compounding,” which means to make medications in different doses, or combine different medications together, turn into a liquid or gel, or add flavors. As people get older, it can be more difficult to take multiple medications. Compounding eliminates that.

Sometimes a medication has been discontinued by the manufacturer due to not enough people taking the drug, and it is not in the best interest of the manufacturer to keep producing it in large quantities. By compounding, a pharmacist can create the medication that patients may still require even though it is no longer available in that form.

There are many allergies that people have today, and are in medications that people need. By compounding, unwanted ingredients in medications can be removed, such as gluten, sugar, or lactose.

Compounding has made it easier for patients to take necessary medications in a variety of ways, such as lollipops, suppositories, sublingual forms, like troches, which is either a tablet or a lozenge, injectable, topical, or oral forms. Making it easier for patients to take medication that is needed is a great way to ensure that their health and body will continue functioning the way that it is supposed to.

Compounding Medications

There are different purposes for compounding. It can be done for athletes, and animals as well. Anyone who has had a pet knows the difficulty in getting an animal to take its medication. Cats, dogs, and any other creature usually turn into a devil at medication time. By compounding, flavors that animals love can be added to medications. Babies can be as feisty as animals too, when it comes to medication taking. By compounding, it can be turned into different ways to make it easier on the child.

Compounding is a useful tool that pharmacists use to make life easier for people to keep up with their health. Having a pharmacy who can do that should be an important part of all long term care facilities.


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