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Effective Benefits Of Compounding Medications

People tend to have an aversion to taking medication, whether it be daily, or any other schedule.  Some people have different reactions than others, such as upset stomachs, or the inability to swallow pills, or just not liking the taste.  Compounding medication is a way to combat these occurrences.

Compounding is a process that involves either turning the medication into a liquid, a topical form, adding flavors, changing dosages, or combining more than one medication into a single dose.

Compounding Medications

Children are often the most picky patients to get to take their medications.  By compounding, flavors can be added to something that they prefer, or have it turned into a liquid, or gel, thus eliminating the fight that comes with trying to get a child to do anything.

Dental visits are something compounding may be useful for as well.  After dental surgery, most times medication will be prescribed.  The mouth is a sensitive area, and it can be difficult to take medication that is prescribed orally.  Again, compounding is the way to go.

Compounding Medications Benefits

Getting animals to take medication is as difficult as getting a child to.  People do not give animals the credit they deserve for being as smart as they are.  They figure out quickly that what you’re giving them is not pleasant and even if it’s masked in a piece of cheese or something, that you’re trying to trick them…by compounding their medication, flavors such as tuna or other fish can be added for felines, and meat and other flavors for canines.

Sometimes different doses of medication are not readily available due to the fact that they are mass produced.  By having a pharmacy that is able to compound, a specific dosage can be made available.  Not all medications suit every persons tolerance, and by compounding, a variety of doses can be achieved.

Athletes take different supplements, vitamins, and other pharmaceuticals almost daily.  The methods of delivery for medications take different times to be absorbed into the body, causing either long wait times before becoming effective.  By compounding medications, they can be turned into a topical delivery, thereby eliminating longer time to be effective.

When there is a patient on hospice, chances are they have to take more than one medication.  TruCare pharmacists are able to compound many of these medications into a single dose, which makes it easier to administer and also for the patient.  Many of them have difficulty swallowing or it is painful for them to receive multiple medications at once.  Compounding eliminates those issues.  Talk to a pharmacist if compounding sounds like it is needed.


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