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Real Health Benefits of Compounding Medications

When it comes to medication, every patient has unique and specific needs. Standard formulations may not be appropriate or effective for some patients. Compounding pharmacy is the best solutions for such patients as it creates custom formulations with most appropriate ingredients to provide desired result to such patients. All compounded medications can be formulated with safety and effectiveness.

Main Health Benefits of Compounding:

“Unavailable” or “Discontinued” Medications
We can easily make formulations that are out of stock or not easily available in the market due to lack of regular demand.

Flavor Medication
Many patients, especially children, refuse to take medication because of its taste and / or flavor. Compounding pharmacy is the solution to make these medications palatable to such patients without compromising the effectiveness. In custom formulations, certain permitted additives are used to give required taste and flavor to the medication.

Health benefits of compounding benefits

Allergy-Free Medications
In cases where some patients get allergic reaction from any medication, compounding pharmacy can create custom formulation to eliminate problematic ingredient(s).

Prescription Combinations
For patients having multiple prescriptions, it is quite possible to combine them into a single dosage form for convenience and compliance.

Dosage Form
Depending on individual preferences, compounding pharmacists can work with you and your doctor to compound the required medication into an alternative dosage forms, such as gels, spray and cream.

Hospice Compounding
Hospice compounding is a type of care that focuses on the palliation of a chronically ill, terminally ill or seriously ill patients’ pain and symptoms. It also attends to their emotional and spiritual needs. Physicians provide guidance on the patients’ symptoms, which allows our pharmacists to formulate medications that control those symptoms and promote comfort.


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