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About Estrogen Hormone: High and Low Level Effects Infographic

Hormones have many essential effects on women’s health because they affect everything in women body – from emotional to physical processes, from growth through childhood, from development of female sexual characteristics, and from mood to how well they sleep. Today, our Infographic would explain the importance of Estrogen Hormone in Women’s body. Estrogenic hormones in women are primarily responsible for the development of the female sexual characteristics and reproduction. Women body makes following three estrogenic hormones:

  • Estradiol – Common in childbearing women.
  • Estriol – The estrogen produced during pregnancy.
  • Estrone – The estrogen produced after menopause.

To find out how Estrogen affects women body and health, check our Infographic below:

Estrogen Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you want to improve quality of your life and reduce the menopausal symptoms, visit TruCare Pharmacy for effective HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). Please contact our pharmacy at (1-951-817-1005) for any inquiries regarding our products.


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