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What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

What is BHRT?: Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), also known as natural hormone therapy, which is a term referring to the use of hormones that are identical on a molecular level with endogenous hormones in hormone replacement therapy. It may also be combined with blood and saliva testing of hormone levels, and the use of pharmacy compounding to obtain hormones in an effort to reach a targeted level of hormones in the body.

Bioidentical refers to hormones that are identical in structure to those produced by the human body. Many may refer to these hormones as being “natural”, and they are in the sense that they are the same as the natural hormones the body produces, but they are chemically converted from other compounds, often from plants such as soy and yam.


Hormone deficiency in an adult male often causes the following symptoms:

  • Lower energy levels
  • Depression
  • Low Stamina
  • Weight gain
  • Joint Pain
  • Loss Of Bone Density
  • Muscle loss
  • Memory loss

So guys, if you are suffering from Hormone deficiency or hormone imbalance and wanna to slow down the aging process, stay healthy and live longer then contact TruCare Pharmacy (1-951-817-1005).


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